Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Suburbia's imminent demise?

While many are convinced that America's strip malls and big box stores will soon be a thing of the past, a far greater swath of our compatriots seem to have no clue what's in store for us in the coming decades. This is particularly concerning given that just a year ago the nation experienced the immense pain $4-per-gallon gas brought us. It's hard to believe that more communities are not taking drastic action to live more locally again. Just today as I waited in line at a local bank I overheard a patron ask the manager if the bank was moving to a new location next to the recently erected Walmart and Lowes stores. To my dismay, the manager confirmed that this was indeed the plan. As it now stands, the bank is a corner stone of a small downtown area that has been slowly reinvigorated over the past decade. Oh well, they'll be back soon.

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